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Charge certificate for bus lane PCN

Charge Certificate for Bus Lane PCN

The next stage in the enforcement process if the penalty charge notice remains unpaid is for the  Local authority to issue a charge certificate which increases the penalty charge by 50% and allows you just 14 days in which to pay.


The local authority may issue a charge certificate where the penalty charge has not been paid and after:

  • an Enforcement Notice has been served and they did not receive representations within 28 days, beginning with the date of service of that notice; or
  • a Notice of Rejection has been served and within 28 days, beginning with the date of service of that notice, no appeal to the Adjudicator has been made; or an appeal has been refused by the Adjudicator and no payment has been received by the local authority within 28 days of the date the decision was served; or
  • the appellant has withdrawn their appeal and has not paid the penalty charge to the local authority within 14 days of the date on which the appeal is withdrawn.

If you do not pay the penalty charge notice the enforcing authority can take steps to recover the debt. You can of course make representations or you can appeal but at the end of the day if you loose an appeal or simply do nothing then it is very likely that action will be taken against you.


Sample Charge Certificate

Sample Charge Certificate

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